Our Wonderful World of Fusion: Native Vs Contemporary

At ELECTRAFRIQUE we have always beleived that real creativity blossoms in freedom.Although Our music remains rooted on the African Drum and The electronic House Beat…we allow ourselves to create across genres with artist from all over the world.

We beleive that our passion for that which unites us is a far stronger bond that or individual artistic Difference.

Today the ELECTRAFRIQUE family consists of Producers, Singers,Djs,Spoken Word ,Artists,Instrumentalists, Stage Performers  all united in a quest to enrich musical journeys and experiences.

Movement: The Art of The Dance

Kings of The Dancefloor

ELECTRAFRIQUE is an entertainment brand.We never lose sight of the fact that our key responsibility is to offer our patrons an unrivalled outing experience.We create an environment that allows every individual to express themselves freely and openly in whichever form they may choose.We encourage diversity and enjoy patronage of people from all walks of live regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation.

We are an open family that cares for all equally.

the Electrafrique Platfrom continues to play Host to Greatest Deejays and Musician in the Afro & Electronic Genres.