Dj Cortega

Hailing from Switzerland, Cortega has built a solid DJ reputation on the Afrobeat and House scenes in Washington, DC and New York since 2005. He has played in major clubs in the region, including U Street Music Hall, Thievery Corporation’s legendary Eighteenth Street Lounge, the Warehouse:Loft , Patty Boom Boom, Liv, Science Club, Sweet Spot and Grotto (Lower East Side) among others. He has also played at major electronic music events, like Miami’s Winter Music Conference (WMC) or Earth Dance Nairobi. During his career he has shared the decks with DJs of international renown such as Spinna, Black Coffee, Maurice Joshua, Clive Bean, Wiseacre, Sabo, Kimozaki, Oscar P, Voodoo Funk, Underdog, and Chris Burns to name a few. Over the past years, Cortega has been in Africa based out of Nairbi and Dakar where he contributes to the development of the Afro Electronic Music scene, particularly through Electrfrique parties. Cortega now tours globally with his ELECTRAFRIQUE party, which blends new African electro such as Coupé Décalé, Mzansi house, Kwaito and Kuduro, with deep and soulful House from all over, infused with African rhythms

Big Daddy

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Producer /Keys


Thrilling drum rhythms, stage mood and professional drum lessons for young and old are provided by Henry Anyanga (aka Izo). ​ Henry Anyanga (also known as Izo) is 33 years old and native Kenyan. Music is both his work, as well as his passion and his life. As a musician he plays a variety of traditional and modern drums, flutes and the Kenyan plucked instrument Nyatiti. He not only makes music in bands and produces his own music, he has also taught drumming in numerous children's and youth projects. Cultural exchanges and encounters with people are a matter of the heart for him, so he travels from Nairobi (Kenya) to Germany to offer drumming projects and to share his music. ​ Experience with Henry Anyanga (known as Izo) art, in an authentic and inspiring way, by drum workshops, live music and recording. Music is not just work for him, its passion and life. Izo was born in Kakamega (Kenya) and was raised by his loving single mother in the country's capital city of Nairobi. He could only study 8th level. At a tender age he had already started playing traditional drums at the small Ghetto's of Nairobi and in primary school festivals. Throughout the course of the study, Izo was lucky to be enrolled in Kuruka Maisha School of Art. The creative environment of Acrobats, Musicians, Painters etc. in Kenya made it possible for him to merge with the rest of the world and allowed him to tour festivals across Europe (festival mundial, North Sea Jazz), Asia, Canada, India, Africa , etc. Izos own music album (STEP BY STEP) is currently out and you can get your copy right here, Izo is futurly musically focusing on researching local roots and cultures on the younger generation. Izo makes a journey every time, when it is in Kenya to Kisumu, to facilitate further skills, studies and culture. Izo say's "MUSIC is LOVE and LOVE is MUSIC". ​ ​




Djembe Master


Drums & Percussion Kevin Chagala has a signature afro look with combs and African beads that is synonymous with his personality. He plays various instruments including the drum: Hand and Stick Drums, the Cowbell, traditional string instruments and wind instruments like the Flute (Chivoti) and the Horn. Kevin is not only a prolific percussionist and musician but also a facilitator of drum and general music workshops. He has mentored, taught and also been involved in various music projects in schools in Swedish and Dutch schools. Being synonymous with traditional music led him to be a custodian of the Kenyan traditional culture. In that, he makes and repairs various African artefacts and instruments. Kevin has had the opportunity of travelling to various countries such as South Africa where he performed during the 2012 World Cup, Holland where he performed during 2004 Festival Mundial, East and Central Africa and a host of other countries. Kevin believes the sky is the limit as he continues to grow and widen his artistical scope day by day.



Tom Olango

Bass Guitarist

Benjamin Kabeseke

Rythym Guitar

Jack the SAX Anduuru

Saxophone Jackson was born in the lovely city of Nairobi. He was raised listening to a lot of local music as well as some funk, some soul, some Motown, Lionel Richie and The Commodores, Stevie Wonder, lots of country music. But it was during his high school years that he discovered a real liking for all things musical. At Saint Mary’s Nairobi, he was first introduced to the saxophone in form three and went on to do it as an examinable subject and instrument and was a member of the prestigious Saint Orchestra. Furthermore, he was awarded the most promising saxophone player award in his final high school year. Not having a saxophone of his own made practicing and playing very difficult and to that end, he had to borrow one from a friend for close to 5 years as he tried to get his own. In November of 2003, his father surprised him with the very same saxophone which he plays with till now and that he has affectionately named Suzy. Kavila Matu, a good friend started to invest time and his vast musical experience in the way he played and helped begin the transformation that has culminated into the saxophone player that Jackson is today. The year 2009 became a great year for him as he finished his debut album called Simply Put and launched it. Today Jackson is undoubtedbly one of the great Talents of East Africa performing both as a solo artist and as band member of Electrique Djs and The Beat Parade Band also a member of the ELECTRAFRIQUE family